Hotel refurbishment including bespoke commercial joinery manufacturing

Balcony balustrades, north wing bedrooms and back of house

Project background

ISG Plc have appointed Allstar Joinery as bespoke commercial joinery manufacturers as well as commercial joinery fit-out specialists. The main objective of the project was to help in an entire refurbishment of a luxury hotel in Ayrshire. The areas incorporated; balcony balustrades, north wing bedrooms, corridors and back of house (B.O.H).

The Challenge

A highly experience craftsman was needed to meet the standards of the project. The challenges and issues involved included:

  • Fast moving programme.
  • The high expectations of ISG Plc and the luxury Ayrshire hotel management team.
  • The attention to detail required to meet the exacting standards of architectural design, refurbishment and the build.
  • To meet design needs and listed building regulations there was the need to replicate the existing balustrades due to extensive deterioration having occurred within the timbers.
  • Delivery within timescale and client’s budget.
“Allstar Joinery proved to be a pivotal part of our team at Trump Turnberry in Ayrshire due to the fast track programme and client constraints while maintaining the highest quality. At all times during both the bedroom refurbishments and new grand ballroom, Allstar Joinery at times was manufacturing 24/7 to ensure all deadlines were met utilising their state of the art machinery to manufacture bespoke components to the highest standards.”

Steven Fleming
Project Manager, ISG Scotland

The Solution

The solution formulated and carried out was as follows:

Fast moving programme

We had an unchanged site management team who ran the project, and the team had a pro-active outlook to any changes in specification. We included additional labour to ensure the project met all deadlines. This included working extended hours including weekend working.

We were very proactive and flexible to design changes, due to having our Sustainable Production Facility. There were further demands on the refurbishment aspect of the job. Due to the period that had elapsed since the luxury Ayrshire hotel had last gone through a significant refurbishment and the location being close to the sea, this meant many elements of the hotel such as external balustrades required either complete refurbishment or complete replication due to timber deterioration.

The all-in-one solution provided by Allstar Joinery including our Sustainable Production Family allowed us to meet the high expectations of the ISG Plc and the Ayrshire Hotel project management team.

  • This allowed us to work closely with the luxury Ayrshire hotel project management team as well as the ISG Plc team.
  • Management over the build is ensured by the Allstar Joinery sustainable production facility, which is crucial to ensuring the design specifications of the luxury hotel’s Edwardian elegance are matched.
  • Our bespoke manufacturing approach must fit the architectural design specifications.

    Attention to detail. Component products:

  • Modular paneling can be manufactured using moisture resistant MDF.
  • Ornate mouldings were manufactured by Tulipwood.
  • Decorative astragals and fan lights were manufactured by Tulipwood.
  • Skirtings, architraves, and doorframes were produced by Tulipwood.
  • A fanlight used for imitation windows was manufactured from a silver mirror.

Attention to detail – Craftsmanship:

  • ISG Constructive Division pre-formed site questionnaires which were vital to completing the modular paneling fits.
  • Existing grid lines were determined in order to make sure every doorway was fitted in and around each wall panel correctly. The existing grid lines were produced by the Allstar Joinery installation team.
  • Due to concerns showed by the Ayrshire hotel’s project management team regarding how the paneling arrangement would be a concealed fixing, provision of fixing points of modular panels was determined.
  • AV unit cavities were manufactured by Allstar Joinery and used throughout the lower fielded panel wall cladding. This established a discrete access portal without influencing the overall aesthetics of the architectural structure.

Production and delivery was within budget and time.

The Results

The luxury Ayrshire Hotel was returned to its original Edwardian elegance with all the standards and specifications from its original styling reproduced. The entirety of the project was completed on time and within budget.

Images coming soon.

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