The Refinery Bar And Restaurant By Drake And Morgan.

Bar and Restaurant Fit-Out, Edinburgh.

Project Background

Allstar Joinery was appointed as the principal bespoke joinery manufacturer and full fit-out specialist by principal contractor McGoff and Byrne Ltd.

The purpose of the project was to complete the full fit-out of The Refinery, Bar and Restaurant by Drake and Morgan, 5 St. Andrews Square, Edinburgh.

The bar and restaurant areas are over two floors incorporating; manufacture and fitting of a bespoke bar and gantry, specialist metal works, decorative wall cladding, kitchen servery, granite and silestone tops, vanity units, waiter stations, doors, hardwood flooring, bespoke metal and tiled tables.

The Challenge

The high-level specifications required the most experienced Master Craftsmen in the company to be assigned to this project to meet the project needs especially on the quality parameters.

The following challenges needed to be addressed:

  • As always it was a fast moving programme.
  • The high expectations of McGoff and Byrne Ltd and Drake and Morgan Management Team.
    • The attention to detail required to meet the exacting standards of architectural design, interior design and the actual build including;
    • The featured wall cladding on the first floor was especially challenging due to the complexity of the design.
    • Polished Oak random panelling was challenging due to intricate setting out of the various wall elevations.
  • Location of the site 5 St. Andrews Square, Edinburgh. There were other independent projects going on in St. Andrews Square at the same time and due to this and general main city centre location this meant there was very restricted access for deliveries.
  • Delivery within timescale and client’s budget.

The Solution

The solutions formulated and carried out were as follows:

Fast moving programme
We had an unchanged site management team who ran the project and had a pro-active outlook to any changes in specification. We included additional labour to ensure the project met the deadline. This included working extended hours including weekend working.

We were very proactive and flexible to any design changes, due to the company having our own Sustainable Production Facility.

The high expectations of McGoff and Byrne Ltd and Drake and Morgan Management Team.
With Allstar Joinery’s all-in-one solution, which includes our Sustainable Production Facility we were able to:

  • Worked closely with McGoff and Byrne Ltd and Drake and Morgan Management Team.
  • The Allstar Joinery in-house sustainable production facility ensured we kept control of the build quality.
  • Meeting the architectural design standards via our bespoke manufacturing techniques.

The attention to detail required to meet the exacting standards of architectural design of the new bar and restaurant fit-out.

Attention to detail – Component products:

  • The featured wall cladding on the first floor. The solution in the setting out and sourcing the proper materials was important. There were two different types of timber used. Specially sourced Scottish Elm and Douglas Fir.
  • Polished Oak random panelling. Combination of horizontal elm planking and vertical solid oak in random dimensions to create a 3D look and wall decoration.
  • Manufacture of two host stations and two waiter stations.
  • Provision of specialised materials incorporated into the bar frontage. Used leather panels to the main bar frontage.
  • Manufacture and installation of main bar top and gantry made from solid American Walnut.
  • Kitchen servery fitted out with solid marble tops and mild blue steel facia.
  • Interior design element – Integration of bespoke digital printed wallpaper, elm planking, cork panelling and Douglas Fir posts.
  • Installation of Walnut herringbone flooring with decorative inlaid border.

Attention to detail — Craftsmanship:

  • We digested the drawings through consultations with the architect.
  • Procured the materials from suppliers.
  • Visited site to provide survey and site set out.
  • Polished Oak random panelling. This was very carefully templated to suit the site wall elevations and areas around doors, dumbwaiter shaft. It had to be drawn out on a rod. This was to provide a far more accurate measure on material requirements. This saved the client time and money.
  • With Allstar Joinery’s ability to fabricate metalwork we were able to produce the entire back bar fittings.

Delivery within timescale and client’s budget.

We provided the client with specification and design changes via Allstar Joinery’s Production Manager and the appointed architects working closely together. The project was delivered on time and within budget to the client’s satisfaction.

The Results

Allstar Joinery met all project and budget targets of the main contractor McGoff and Byrne Ltd.

Please view the images below of the successfully completed project.

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