Bespoke Joinery In St.Andrews

Allstar Joinery – St. Andrews Projects

Alstar Joinery has carried out significant works in St Andrews over recent years.

Here are some interesting facts about St. Andrews that hopefully will make interesting reading.

St Andrews was originally known as Kilrymont several hundred years ago until a monk brought back the relics of Apostle Andrew to the town and thus the name St Andrews remains to this day.

Obviously world famous for its golf, St Andrews Old Course originally only had eleven holes. A golfer would go round twice, making it a very long day out indeed being 22 holes from start to finish at the golf course. In the early 19th century it became an eighteen hole golf course with nine holes out and nine holes in to the clubhouse. The golf term holes out and holes in originated in St Andrews and was due to the shape of the Old Course.

Did you know that bunkers originated at the Old Course St. Andrews? They were part of the naturally golf links landscape and were caused by sheep grazing on the land. The original course designer old Tom Morris himself decided they were quite fitting as part of the design and so they remained. This led to every golf course in the world taking on this famous or for many golfers’ infamous feature.

When you include the beautiful architecture, the seascape looking out over the famous St. Andrews beach, the vibrant town with its many bars, hotels, bed and breakfast and great restaurants it truly is a great place to visit. Not forgetting St Andrews University formed in the early 15th Century and is one of the oldest English speaking universities in the world.

Allstar Joinery bespoke commercial joinery and shopfitting projects that have been completed to date in St. Andrews includes:


  • East Shore Student Accommodation – East Sands, St Andrews.
    Management of all the joinery packages. Main contractor Interserve Plc.
  • St Andrews Links Trust – St. Andrews.
    Joinery works and finishes.