Suspended Ceilings

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There are many variations of grid and tile ceiling. Its primary function, other than aesthetics, is serviceability.

Typical systems can be easily dismantled or temporarily altered to facilitate maintenance/building upgrade works without imposing upon the end user.

Aesthetically almost any desired effect can be achieved, whether it be a Tegular Microlook  Armstrong System for typical office use, Armstrong Seismic Suspension Systems, for special applications such as swimming pools and healthcare environments, the SAS Concealed Grid metal pan system offering a more sleek and contemporary feel, or many of the bespoke such as the Axiom Canopy which allows specifiers to play with different planes and levels to create floating ‘ceiling clouds’. In addition and becoming increasingly popular is exposed systems which tend to be utilised in the higher end of the market.

Plasterboard Ceilings offer a high level of flexibility, where bulkheads, gradients and changes in height can all be fully integrated. Services inspection and access points are easily included during design or installation.

Adaptable metal framing system fully compatible with a wide range of British Gypsum/Lafarge & Knauf lining solutions to achieve a variety of performances tailored to meet your individual project requirements.

Improvement to acoustic and fire performance can be achieved without the need to access the room above.

In addition, partition heights can be reduced as the partition channel can be supported by the ceiling framework rather than the soffit thus offering significant savings during the construction phase.

Allstar Joinery is well versed and experienced in the procurement and installation of all these systems. We will assist you in specifying size, colours and finish to suit your design intent.