Business Owners and Bespoke Commercial Joinery Working Together

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Bring Your Entrepreneurial Vision to Life Through the Skills of Allstar Joinery.

Allstar Joinery has a highly skilled and experienced team of all trades fit-out contractors as well as project managers. We undertake projects from conception to completion in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Central Belt of Scotland and throughout the UK.

At the Beginning

…of your project, you have the most control over what can be changed. This is the ideal time for you discuss the details of your project with a highly experienced commercial joinery company. This will iron out any problems that may arise too. This is where Allstar Joinery come in, we’ve got the vision, the skills, and the knowledge to support you through the duration of your project and help you bring it to life.

We Can Help With Your Creative Vision

We are driven by our client’s vision and we’re able to assist in developing a solid plan to ensure each project is a success. We have helped many business owners progress through the early stage. If there are any early stage concept or design related questions needing to be answered our skilled team will gladly meet with you and find a solution to bring your ideas to life.

Some steps to ensure your creative vision goes to plan:

Meeting up with a local Glasgow based commercial joinery company will help you sort out those initial design issues. Here are some tips before embarking on a new project;

  • Brainstorm ideas before embarking on your project. We help you understand and articulate your wishes to ensure you have a successful outcome. 

  • Figure out what to do with space, how long it takes to accomplish, budget, materials, and style all come in to play and discussing ideas with a professional will iron out any flaws in the plan. It can be extremely helpful to discuss the technical factors to make sure you’re going down the right path.
  • It can be really helpful to factor in technical issues with a commercial joinery company. We have a skilled, experienced team which means you have a wealth of knowledge at your disposal when working with Allstar Joinery.

We offer cost planning:

You might want to meet up with a local Glasgow based company to help you figure out all those initial design issues that come with certain projects. A commercial joinery company can help iron out those technical problems that can arise.

  • Some business owners want to discuss plans with an experienced company who can help brainstorm their project to ensure any potential problems are resolved.
  • Allstar Joinery can help refine your design ideas, our expert interior designers, architects, and joiners are able to provide you with a wealth of knowledge to ensure your ideas come to life.


Having a company that has a wealth of experience and a portfolio of work available is really valuable when choosing a commercial joinery company which will meet your expectations. Take the time to view Allstar Joinery’s Success Stories page on our site and see some of the projects we’ve worked on. You’ll find complete fit-outs, new builds, and refurbishments for restaurants, bars, hotels, shopfitting, public houses and much more.


This ensures no delays and all project specifications are met to meet with your project vision.

  • We have one Project Manager to oversee all aspects.  That manager will be there from the initial consultation, work in progress and all the way through to completion and after sales.
  • If your project requires a full-time Site Manager, the same person will be supervising the onsite works from the commencement of the project until its successful completion.


Our in-house production facility  is really important to our projects. The facility is invaluable during the design/concept phase. You will see the benefits of the facility 24/7 during your project. We know how important it is to have facilities like this as it allows us to be really flexible. This lets us ensure any architectural or interior design iterations can be made which means the project can be completed within the design scope.


Exchanging ideas on your fit-out, refurbishment project or commercial furnishings concepts is ideally organised face to face and within a travelling distance which makes regular contact practical. Ideally, you sort out the fundamentally important commercially joinery changes at the concept stage. It goes without saying this will undoubtedly reduce costs. Testing out different options of your design and architectural vision early on helps to ensure that your commercial fit-out, shopfitting or internal commercial furniture project is in the best possible shape to provide the right solution for your business.

How can Allstar Joinery’s unique all-in-one offering help you?

We respond to enquiries immediately, so we’ll get back to you very quickly to arrange a time to chat.

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